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Introducing George, the dashing young lad of the bunch, whose mysterious coat color is like a canvas waiting to reveal its masterpiece – DNA results are in!  He is  a lilac and tan that carries cream sensation! With an air of intrigue and a heart full of adventure, George is here to capture your imagination and steal your heart.


George is all about the perfect balance of fun and relaxation. When he's not busy charming his littermates with playful antics and spirited games, he's more than ready to transform into the ultimate cuddle buddy. Picture this: a cozy movie night in, with George snuggled up beside you, his puppy eyes reflecting the on-screen drama as you both embark on epic adventures from the comfort of your couch.


His inquisitive nature and lively spirit make every moment with George feel like a new chapter in an exciting story. As he continues to grow, his coat's enchanting hues will likely become the envy of all who behold him. The suspense of his DNA test results only adds to the allure of this captivating companion.


If you're ready to invite a touch of mystery, a splash of color, and a whole lot of charm into your life, George is the one to watch. Get ready for an ever-unfolding tale of laughter, cuddles, and a lifetime of shared movie nights – because with George by your side, every day is a blockbuster waiting to happen.

George - Male $3500