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Introducing Lennon, the potential platinum-coated star who's ready to serenade you with his loyalty and charm. Lennon is a dazzling dazzling platinum companion you've been searching for. With a price of $3500 and a deposit of $500, Lennon is your ticket to a harmonious partnership filled with joy and companionship.


Lennon's heart beats to the rhythm of unwavering loyalty. He's not just a pet; he's your ultimate confidant, a steadfast friend who's always by your side. Whether you're hitting the road for a musical adventure or simply enjoying a quiet moment together, Lennon's presence is like a soothing melody that never fades.


One of Lennon's favorite pastimes is riding shotgun in the car, where he eagerly listens to music as if every note were composed just for him. His enthusiasm for the journey mirrors his boundless love for life, making every drive a memorable duet between you and your furry travel companion.


Priced at $4000, Lennon is a priceless addition to your life, and a $500 deposit secures your place in line to welcome this potential platinum marvel. Get ready for a symphony of moments filled with laughter, love, and the unbreakable bond that only Lennon can provide. Don't miss your chance to turn every day into a melodious masterpiece with the loyal and melodically inclined Lennon as your constant companion.

Lennon - Male $2500

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