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Allow us to introduce you to Paul, the canine charmer PLATINUM whose  DNA results are in!. Priced at $3500, with a deposit of $500, Paul is not just a puppy; he's a promise of endless laughter and heartwarming companionship.


Paul's cheerful demeanor shines as bright as his coat, radiating joy and affection in every interaction. With his platinum coat, he's like a walking treasure, a bundle of precious moments waiting to be shared.


Picture this: long walks on the beach (or wherever your adventures take you), with Paul's endearing presence lighting up every step of the way. He's more than just a pup; he's your partner in play, your confidant in cuddles, and your source of boundless happiness.


Priced at $4000, Paul is an investment in a lifetime of unforgettable memories. Secure your connection with a $500 deposit and prepare to welcome this potential platinum-coated marvel into your heart and home. Don't miss out on the chance to make Paul a part of your life's story, as he adds his unique charm to every chapter you write together.

Paul - Male $3500