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Say hello to Rigby, the feisty little lady who's got a flair for fun and a heart full of warmth. DNA results are in. Shenis a lilac and tan that carries coco and cream  Rigby is a bundle of energy and affection, bringing a perfect blend of excitement and coziness to your life.


When it comes to playtime, Rigby is the reigning champion of tug-of-war, showing her brothers who's boss with every victorious pull. Her determination and spunk are nothing short of inspiring, and her enthusiasm is downright infectious. But don't let her competitive spirit fool you – Rigby is also a master of the art of snuggling. Picture this: a quiet afternoon, you with your favorite book, and Rigby nestled beside you, her gentle presence turning every page into a new adventure.


Rigby's dual nature of playfulness and cuddliness makes her a versatile companion, ready to match your mood whether you're up for an action-packed play session or a serene moment of relaxation. As her lilac and tan potential unfolds, she's bound to become a visual masterpiece that captivates everyone who gazes upon her.


If you're prepared to welcome a whirlwind of playfulness and a gust of cozy affection into your life, Rigby is the name to remember. Get ready for a lifetime of exciting games, heartwarming cuddles, and a reading buddy who's as invested in your book as you are. With Rigby by your side, every day becomes a bestseller in the story of your shared adventures.

Rigby - Female $3500